Have you ever actually tried believing in the unbelievable? Maybe you can’t walk through walls or make objects magically disappear, but have you tried believing in yourself when other said you can’t? Have you ever tried believing in another when others said you shouldn’t? Imagination is what stretches our beliefs beyond what we think we know into a realm of possibility that makes life magical, meaningful and inspiring.

Try it today! Pretend you’re a child again and play ‘make believe.’ Imagine all the things that bring you joy and happiness, peace and prosperity, hope and gratitude. Infuse the “real” world with the richness of your imagination and don’t be afraid to dream out loud! Let the inner-inspired-child in you design a life that you love living and enjoy the freedom and creativity of your imagination!

“Logic will get you from A to Be. Imagination will take you everywhere.” ~ Albert Einstein

Some ideas for expanding your imagination: Spend some time today
daydreaming, draw, paint or color just for fun, or read a fictional story
and let your imagination soar!