Happiness is really the truest measure of success. Happiness isn’t about feeling good when things go “right” and feeling bad when things go “wrong.” Happiness is that light, playful feeling you have when you realize how wonderful it is to be alive! To be a happy person means to share and exude happiness, making everyone around you feel better about themselves and the world. Being happy gives those around you permission to be happy as well.

Try spending today noticing as often as possible the moments in which you’re happy, and then share that good fortune with anyone and everyone around with a smile, a laugh or a hug. If no one’s around, send a note, write an email or just take it all in and soak it up like a hot bath. There’s an abundance of happiness waiting to be discovered, so have as much as you can!

“It was only a sunny smile and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered
the night and made the day worth living.” ~ Author Unknown

Some ideas for sharing your happiness: smile often, laugh a lot, share your funny stories, say thank you frequently and sincerely and
make others feel great when they’re around you!