Whether referring to family, friends, classmates, coworkers or the whole world, community is one of the most valuable things in life that money just can’t buy. Friendship, companionship and fellowship are all experiences that make life rich and worthwhile. Sharing our joys and sorrows, our accomplishments and failures, reminds us all that we matter, that we are all cherished and cared for, and that we are not alone.

Look around at the communities you belong to and become a positive participant. Let the best parts of you shine to inspire others, and let others support you when you’re in need. Become a part of something bigger than yourself and notice how impactful one person can be when surrounded by others. Then, write to us and tell us all about the positive impact you’ve had on your community!

“When strangers start acting like neighbors…communities are reinvigorated.” ~ Ralph Nader

Some ideas for bringing communities together: neighborhood yard sales,
block parties, book drives, food drives, sporting events, or start your own
Neighborhood Kindness Watch!