About the Author, Mark Juarez, President and CEO of The Happy Company

At the age of 11, Mark Juarez started his first business mowing lawns. When his best friend’s grandmother, a woman near and dear to his heart, needed much more than just a mowed lawn, he decided to help by fixing her roof at almost no charge.

Soon, he began to notice the obvious disrepair all over his own neighborhood and, in an effort to aid his community, he began offering basic repairs at low to no cost: fixing roofs, cracked windows, broken doors, and patching walls and painting.

He refused to take payment until the residents were completely satisfied with his work.

At this very young age his business philosophies grew from hard work, compassion and an overwhelming desire to serve. These philosophies would last an entire lifetime, making him a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

In 1992 Mark established The Happy Company with his own personal savings of $22,000. Built on values such as “Integrity Before Profit” and “Work is Love Made Visible”
and within three years the company’s sales exceeded $20 million annually with only one product: The Happy Massager.

“Happy” became it the world’s best-selling massage tool and an industry-changing phenomena thanks to Mark’s belief that “All Is Possible!”

Today, Mark’s energy is focused on his new, fictional friend named Charlie who was created out of the belief that all is possible and a concern for the impact that the current economic conditions of the world are having on everyday life.

Mark recognized the correlation between past and present day struggles and endeavored to illuminate those struggles in Charlie’s story. The goal of his first literary work is to instill in others the principle of looking for opportunity in every possible circumstance.

It is his greatest hope that Charlie sparks a movement of kindness across the globe because every person touched by Charlie’s story has the opportunity to become part of the change!