By definition, appreciation is “thankful recognition:” we recognize something and we are thankful for it. Recognizing the good in another person and being thankful that they’re in your life; that’s appreciation. Recognizing the many blessings in your life and feeling thankful to be alive; that’s appreciation. There’s no end to it, no excesses of appreciation. You can’t ever have too much, give too much or get too much in return. Being appreciated feels wonderful because the best parts of you are being acknowledged, and it makes you want to be your best all the time.

And it’s free! It’s priceless. It’s invaluable, and it takes almost no time at all. So take a moment, just a few minutes a day, and recognize everything that you appreciate and tell others you appreciate them. Your long list of things to be thankful for will give you more hope and courage than you ever knew you had!

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” ~ William James

Some ideas for showing your appreciation: say ‘Thank You’ for the smallest things, give praise where it’s due, keep an appreciation journal
or start an Appreciation Day at home, work or school!